The Creative Spirit

Jewish creativity is imbued with longing, sadness, and loss; but it also expresses something deeply joyful and hopeful about a group of people who have survived despite thousands of years of persecution. The very act of creation itself is a powerful form of resistance and resilience through which the Jewish community has been continuously asserting itself since the time of Abraham. The artistic and creative spirit of Judaism pulses throughout every community around the globe and is as diverse as the ocean is deep. From the birth of monotheism to the comedic genius of Seinfeld, Jews have been contributing to the vim and vitality of life on earth for over three thousand years. Founded by a shared desire to make the world a more beautiful, inviting, and meaningful place the creatives featured in this section demonstrate the power of art to articulate profound and complex messages in beautiful expressions of their craft.

“I even dream about padlocks.” – Harry Soref

Annette Hirsh

Magda Watts

Hedy Strnad

Harry Soref