Members of the Tribe

How do Jews see themselves as part of a unified community, despite being spread across the globe and separated from their origin story by thousands of years? Very often, this begins with spiritual practices and rituals, which form an essential part of both the religious and secular elements of Jewish community. Some unique characteristics to Jewish spirituality include a focus on community rather than individuality and the acceptance of doubt and critique as a foundational element of one’s faith practices. Even in the more secular world of contemporary Judaism, many yearly, weekly, and daily rituals and customs have their foundation in traditions that have been upheld for thousands of years. Such communal practices have direct effects on everyday life and strengthen the social fabric of the community. Throughout history, Jews have gone to great lengths to keep Judaism alive, often in the face of great intolerance.

“Whatever was accomplished […] was accomplished collectively.” – Golda Meir

Annette Hirsh

Golda Meir

Eva Zaret